Below you will find a list of COAs for our products available on our website.  All Hemp/CBD items are below the legal limit of Delta-9 THC, which is 0.3%. 


3CHI Berry White Cartridge

3CHI Blue Dream THCO Cartridge

3CHI Blue Dream THCO Disposable

3CHI Blue Dream THCV Cartridge

3CHI Brownie

3CHI Candy Kushband Resin Cartridge

3CHI Chocolate Krispy Bar

3CHI Clementine Cartridge

3CHI Comfortably Numb D8-CBN Gummies

3CHI Gods Gift Cartridge

3CHI HHC Orange Dreamsicle Gummies

3CHI D9 Gummies Black Raspberry

3CHI D9 Gummies Watermelon

3CHI D10 Blue Dream Cartridge

3CHI D10 Cali O Cartridge

3CHI D10 Snowman Cartridge

3CHI Granddaddy Purple Cartridge

3CHI Green Crack Cartridge

3CHI Green Crack Disposable

3CHI Grenadine Cartridge

3CHI Guava Jam Cartridge

3CHI HHC Blue Dream Cartridge

3CHI HHC Blue Dream Disposable

3CHI HHC Granddaddy Purple Cartridge

3CHI HHC Green Crack Cartridge

3CHI HHC Northern Lights Cartridge

3CHI HHC Pineapple Express Cartridge

3CHI HHC Pineapple Express Disposable

3CHI HHC Sauce Blue Dream

3CHI HHC Sauce Snowman

3CHI Incredible Hulk Cartridge

3CHI Incredible Hulk Disposable

3CHI Jack Herer Cartridge

3CHI Krispy Treat

3CHI Lemon Fuel Cartridge

3CHI Melonatta THCO Cartridge

3CHI Melonatta THCO Disposable

3CHI OG Kush Cartridge

3CHI Pancakes Cartridge

3CHI Pineapple Cake Disposable

3CHI Pink Rozay Cartridge

3CHI Snowman THCV Cartridge

3CHI Strawberry Napalm Disposable

3CHI Sunset Sherbet Cartridge

3CHI Super Charger Cartridge

3CHI WiFi OG Cartridge

Acapulco Gold Hemp Flower

Afgoo Hemp Flower

Bath Bombs - 4 pack and Singles

Binoid D8 Capsules

Binoid D8 Gummy Peach Dream

Binoid D8 Gummy Strawberry Bliss

Binoid HHC Cartridge Cali Gold

Binoid HHC Cartridge Gorilla Glue

Binoid HHC Cartridge Hawaiian Sunrise

Binoid HHC Cartridge Lucid Blue

Binoid HHC Sunset Sherbert

Binoid HHCO Forbidden Fruit Cartridge

Binoid HHCO Moon Walker Cartridge

Binoid HHCO Pink Oasis Cartridge

Binoid HHCO White Widow Cartridge

Binoid THC-O Cartridge Do Si Dos

Binoid THC-O Cartridge Maui Wowie

Binoid THC-O Cartridge White Runtz

Binoid THC-O Banana Kush Wax

Binoid THC-O Blueberry Pie Gummies

Binoid THC-O Grape Ape Wax

Binoid THC-O Sour Cherry Gummies

Binoid THC-O Strawberry Blonde Wax

Binoid THCP Amnesia Haze Cartridge

Binoid THCP Aurora Cartridge

Binoid THCP Cherry Bomb Dab

Binoid THCP Fruit Loops Cartridge

Binoid THCP Gods Gift Cartridge

Binoid THCP Orange Crush Dab

Binoid THCP Thai Chi Cartridge

Binoid THCP Train Wreck Cartridge

Biospectrum CBD Gummy Bears

Biospectrum CBD Rainbow Ribbons

Biospectrum CBD Sour Rainbow Bites

Biospectrum CBD Watermelon Slices

Biospectrum CBD Roll On

Blue Dream Hemp

Blue Dream HHC Flower

Blue Gush HHC Disposable Vape

Butter D9 Gummies Orange

Butter D9 Gummies Pink Lemonade

Cake Blue Dream 1.5g D8 Disposable

Cake Blue Dream Cartridge

Cake Blueberry Cookies Cartridge

Cake Cereal Milk Cartridge

Cake Coldpack Cartridge Cactus Jack

Cake Coldpack Cartridge Glased Donut OG

Cake Coldpack Cartridge Red Delicious

Cake Coldpack Cartridge Shirley Temple OG

Cake Glazed Donut OG 1.5g THCP Disposable

Cake Orange Cream Soda 1.5g THCP Disposable

Cake - HHX / HHC Animal Cookies Disposable

Cake - HHX / HHC Miami Vice Disposable

Cake - HHX / HHC Rainbow Glue Disposable

Cake Live Resin Disposable Samurai Jack

Cake OG Kush Cartridge

Cake Purple Punch Cartridge

Cake Texas Pound Cake Cartridge

Cake Strawberry Diesel 1.5g Disposable

Cake Steezecake D8 Cartridge

Cake Wedding Cake 1.5g D8 Disposable

Cake Wedding Cake Cartridge

Cherry Chocolate Chip Hemp Flower

Citron D8 Flower

Coast CBD Berry Smokes

Coast CBD Grape Smokes

Coast CBD Original Smokes

Coast CBD Pineapple Smokes

Coast D8 Smokes Berry

Coast D8 Smokes Cherry

Coast D8 Smokes Lemon

Coast D8 Smokes Pineapple

Coast HHC Berry Kush Smokes

Coast HHC Pineapple Express Smokes

D8-HI Durban Poison Cartridge

D8-HI Gorilla Glue #4

D8-HI Green Crack Cartridge

D8-HI Gushers 2ml Disposable

D8-HI Gushers Cartridge

D8-HI Lemon Cake Cartridge

D8-HI Vegan Chocolate Cookies

D8-HI Vegan Cinnamon Cookies

D8-HI Vegan Peanut Butter Cookies

Dank Lite Shroomz 500mg D8/THCO

Delta 8 Liquid Gummies 3000mg Key Lime Orange

Delta Extrax HHC Sour Gummies

Dough Bentley OG Disposable 1.25g

Dragon Piss Hemp Flower

Easy Rider Hemp Flower

Effex Berry Gelato THCO Disposable

Effex Girl Scout Cookies THCO Disposable

Effex Headband THCP Disposable 2g

Effex Live Resin Disposable 2g Strawberry Shortcake

Effex SFV OG Live Resin Disposable 2g

Effex Strawberry Cough Cartridge

Effex THCP Disposable Vape Mai Tai

Effex THCP Disposable Vape Sunset Sherbet

Effex THCP Disposable Vape 2g Tahoe OG

Enjoy Hemp D8 Syrup - Grape

Enjoy Hemp D8 Syrup - Mango

Enjoy D Hemp D9 Syrup - Blue Raspberry

Extrax Acai Berry Gelato 2g Disposable Vape

Extrax Candyland 2g Disposable Vape

Extrax D8 Shot Fruit Punch

Extrax Diablo OG 2g Disposable Vape

Extrax Headbanger 2g Disposable Vape

Extrax Master Kush 2g Disposable Vape

Extrax OG Shark 2g Disposable Vape

Forbidden V THCP D8 Flower

Gelato D8 Flower

Girl Scout Cookies Hemp Flower

Grandaddy Purple Hemp Flower

Green Haze Gummy Bears

Hemp Living Birthday Cake Extreme Night Cartridge

Hemp Living Blue Dream Cartridge

Hemp Living Blue Dream D8 Smokes

Hemp Living Blue Widow Cartridge

Hemp Living Blueberry Kush Cartridge

Hemp Living Delta 8 Blue Raspberry Gummies

Hemp Living Delta 8 Dab Blue Dream

Hemp Living Delta 8 Dab Blueberry Kush

Hemp Living Delta 8 Dab Purple Punch

Hemp Living Delta 8 Dab Strawberry Cough

Hemp Living Delta 8 Dab Sundae Driver

Hemp Living Delta 8 Dab Watermelon Kush

Hemp Living Delta 8 Disposable 2ml Blue Dream

Hemp Living Delta 8 Disposable 2ml Green Crack

Hemp Living Delta 8 Disposable 2ml Lucky Charmz

Hemp Living Delta 8 Disposable 2ml Northern Lights

Hemp Living Delta 8 Disposable 2ml Strawberry Cough

Hemp Living Delta 8 Disposable 2ml Trainwreck

Hemp Living Delta 8 Peach Ring Gummies

Hemp Living Delta 8 Strawberry Banana Gummies

Hemp Living Delta 8 Purple Punch Cigs

Hemp Living Delta 10 24K Gold Punch Cartridge

Hemp Living Delta 10 Baha Blazzt Cartridge

Hemp Living Delta 10 Dab Blue Widow

Hemp Living Delta 10 Dab Green Dream

Hemp Living Delta 10 Dab Lucky Charmz

Hemp Living Delta 10 Dab Mtn Duu

Hemp Living Delta 10 Dab Wedding Cake

Hemp Living Delta 10 Grape Gummies

Hemp Living Delta 10 Green Dream Cartridge

Hemp Living Delta 10 Lucky Charmz Cartridge

Hemp Living Delta 10 Northern Lights Cartridge

Hemp Living Delta 10 Sweet Island Skunk Cartridge

Hemp Living Delta 10 Watermelon Gummies

Hemp Living GSC Cartridge

Hemp Living HHC Cartridge Cherry Pie

Hemp Living HHC Cartridge Granddaddy Purp

Hemp Living HHC Cartridge Harlequin

Hemp Living HHC Cartridge Ice Cream Cookies

Hemp Living HHC Gummies Fruit Punch

Hemp Living HHC Gummies Sour

Hemp Living HHC Gummies Watermelon

Hemp Living HHC Live Resin Dab Birthday Cake

Hemp Living HHC Live Resin Dab Blue Dream

Hemp Living Lemon Diesel Cartridge

Hemp Living Maui Wowie Cartridge

Hemp Living Pineapple Express Cartridge

Hemp Living Sweet Island Skunk Cartridge D8

Hemp Living Watermelon Kush Cartridge

Hemp Living THCO Cartridge Birthday Cake

Hemp Living THCO Cartridge Orange Creamsicle

Hemp Living THCO Cartridge Strawberry Cough

Hemp Living THCO Dab with Live Resin Bubble Runtz

Hemp Living THCO Dab with Live Resin Strawberry Runtz

Hemp Living Tropicana Cookies Cartridge

Hemp Living Wedding Cake Cartridge

Hippy Crippler Flower

Hixotic D9 Gummies Blazin Blue Lemonade

Hixotic D9 Gummies Peach Pear Punch

Hixotic D9 Gummies Straw Blasted

Little Miss Sunshine Hemp Flower

Lunchbox Alchemy Daily Gummy 250mg and 750mg

Lunchbox Alchemy Sleep Gummy 250mg and 750mg

Mainstream 1200mg Fruity Pebbles Tincture

Mainstream 1200mg Pineapple Express Tincture

Mainstream 1200mg OG Kush Tincture

Mainstream D8 Gummy 25mg

Mainstream Distillate Fruity Pebbles

Mainstream Distillate Granddaddy Purple

Mainstream Distillate Blue Dream

Mainstream Distillate Sour Diesel

Mainstream Distillate Blueberry Kush

Mainstream Distillate OG Kush

Mainstream Distillate Pineapple Express

Mainstream Distillate Natural

Mainstream Distillate Wedding Cake

Mainstream THCO 5g Blue Widow Distillate

Pure Potent Relax Gummy

Purlyf CBD Vape - OG Kush

Purlyf CBD Vape - Pineapple Express

Purlyf CBD Vape - Sour Diesel

Purlyf Berry White Widow D10 Cartridge

Purlyf Blackberry Dream Cartridge

Purlyf Blueberry Lemon Diesel Cartridge

Purlyf Blueberry Lemon Diesel Disposable

Purlyf Gummies - D8 Apple

Purlyf Gummies - D8 Blueberry

Purlyf Gummies - D8 Watermelon

Purlyf Orange Cookies D10 Cartridge

Purlyf Pinkberry Rozay Cartridge

Purlyf Strawnana Kush Cartridge

Purlyf Strawnana Kush Disposable

Purlyf Tropical Watermelon Bonkers Cartridge

Purlyf Tropical Watermelon Bonkers Disposable

Purple Granddaddy Flower

R+R Gummy Rings

R+R Softgels

R+R 500mg Natural Oil

R+R 1000mg Natural Oil

R+R Pet Oil

R+R Topical Cream

R+R Dog Chews

Reefer Token 500mg CBD Oil

Reefer Token 500mg Calming Cream

Sour Quattros THCP Delta 8 Gummy

Stormy 2.0 Hemp

Strange Clouds Birthday Cake Disposable

Strange Clouds Blackberry Kush Disposable

Strange Clouds Grape Ape Disposable

Strange Clouds Raspberry Runtz Cartridge

Strange Clouds Raspberry Runtz Disposable

Strange Clouds Strawberry Dream Disposable

Strange Clouds Strawberry Shortcake Disposable

Super Six Tincture

Sunny Skies 1500mg Peppermint Full Spectrum Oil

Sunny Skies 1500 Unflavored Full Spectrum Oil

Sunny Skies 1500 Vanilla Full Spectrum Oil

Sunny Skies 3000 CBD + CBN Oil

Sunny Skies 3000 CBG + CBN Oil

Sunny Skies 3000 Full Spectrum Oil

Sunny Skies 1500 Sleep Drops

Sunny Skies 1500 CBD + CBG Oil

Sunny Skies Pet Oil 1500

Terravita D8 Disposable Lemon Ice Cream Cake

Terravita D8 Disposable Mango Sour Diesel

Terravita D8 Disposable Watermelon Gorilla Glue

Terravita D8 Gummy Cherry Ring

Terravita D8 Gummy Peach Ring

Terravita THCO Apple Gummies

Terravita THCO Blue Raspberry Gummies

Terravita THCO Peach Gummies

The Dopest HHC Shark Gummies Blue Razz

The Dopest HHC Shark Gummies Pomogranate

The Dopest HHC Shark Gummies Strawberry

Tiny Dancer Disposable Blue Rush

Tiny Dancer Disposable G-Spot

Tiny Dancer Disposable Rainbow Kush

Trainwreck Flower

Trainwreck THCO Dab Distillate

Tree of Life Hemp Flower

Treetop D10 Cartridge Skywalker OG

Treetop D10 Cartridge Sour Monster Apple

Treetop D10 Cartridge Triple OG

Urb Birthday Cake Gummies

Urb Chocolate Bar

Urb Cookies N Creme Bar

Urb D9 Gummy 10mg Blood Orange

Urb D9 Gummy 10mg Blueberry Citrus Burst

Urb D9 Gummy 10mg Guavaberry Fruit

Urb D9 Gummy 10mg Kiwi Mixer

Urb D9 Gummy 10mg Peach Mango

Urb D9 Gummy 10mg Pomegranate

Urb D9 Gummy 250mg Dragon Paradise

Urb D9 Gummy 250mg Lemon

Urb D9 Gummy 250mg Peach Citrus Pomegranate

Urb D9 Gummy 250mg Sour Blueberry

Urb D9 Gummy 250mg Sweet Watermelon

Urb D9 Gummy 250mg Tropical Raspberry

Urb Dab Banana Runtz

Urb Green Apple Gummies

URB Infinity THC Cartridge Gas Berry

Urb Infinity THC Cartridge Strawberry Cereal

Urb Infinity THC Disposable Gas Berry

Urb Infinity THC Disposable Purple Punch

Urb Rocks - Blue Razz

Urb Rocks - Strawberry Lemonade

Urb Strawnana Smoothie Gummies 

URB THCO Cartridge Blue Watermelon

URB THCO Cartridge Cupcake Kush

URB THCO Cartridge Goji Gelato

Urb Tropical Lush Gummies

Urb Watermelon Gummies

Vance All Natural Blend Hemp Pre Rolls

Vance D8 Pre Rolls

Vance Pure Hemp Pre Rolls

Vance THCO Pre Rolls

Watermelon Haze Hemp

Wicked Sticks

Wyld Blackberry Gummy

Wyld Blackberry CBD Drink

Wyld Blood Orange CBD Drink

Wyld Lemon CBD Drink

Wyld Lemon Gummy

Wyld Raspberry Gummy



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