Thank You For Pot Smoking Delta 8 Gummies - 3000mg - Stoned Blue Raspberry



Thank You For Pot Smoking® is the most recognized slogan in the cannabis world.  Founded in the 1970s straight out of the Midwest in Madison, WI.  
Thank You For Pot Smoking® is a division of the American Cannabis Society®.  Deep roots have been set by this brand and organization.

Now take advantage of some of the best, most sought after Delta 8 gummies to hit the market.

Thank You For Pot Smoking® Delta 8 Gummies are 50mg of clean Delta 8.  Each order contains 60 gummies, each containing 50mg of D8

Delta 8: 50mg per gummy, 3000mg Total
Delta 9: <0.3%
Flavor: Stoned Blue Raspberry