CBD People

This is the GreenRX CBD People page. 

Check this ledger out, we have copied it from what others have said about CBD, whether it helped, or did not help.  It's written by real people, which explains their use of CBD, and how CBD helped them.  It's not us, its the people who need this product, who know it helps them with every day life.  Feel Free to email us your experiences with CBD. These are not advertising claims, it's truth and honesty from people that have used CBD to better their lives.

Thanks for sharing your stories.  Thanks for letting us share your stories.  These words shared with us continue to help others every day. 


  • The CBD products I have purchased from here have exponentially focused my mind and has helped increase my work flow 10 fold.
  • I have ADHD & suffer from Panic Attacks and struggle with public speaking.  The Extract Labs Hemp Tincture 2000mg CBD is helping me address those glitches of mine.  It also helped with neck pain and tension.


  • Heavy marijuana user my whole life. CBD curbs the withdrawals allows me to function normally when I try to quit. Big fan of CBD.


  • Relief from general stress and anxiety.  I seem to be more calmly facing my day and the challenges that arise.
  • Middle age mental clarity is restored.  I am now calm and focused.
  • EAM - Running on 450mg of Dr Meds per day.  Using CBD calms me lets me focus.
  • Dog suffers from separation anxiety, give him two cbd gel caps a day and he has improved drastically. - Matt
  • SP Rath - So anxiety comes on full power then my joints are screaming, CBD settled it all down.
  • Rashid - CBD Vape juice 4-8 times daily helps with stress and calmed my anxiety.
  • Sam - I use a 275mg unflavored tincture.  2x day, took about 2 weeks of consistent use to feel the benefits and its amazing the difference in myself.  Glad I stuck with it.
  • Julie - I use grape CBD 2x a day.  So helped my knee and anxiety.
  • Richard - Had a small anxiety attack last week smoked a blueberry joint with CBD and calmed right down.  helped a lot.
  • Brandy - first time it worked in minutes, I was driving, people cutting me off, riding my ass.  This kept me calm and keep a clear head and felt relaxed.
  • Lucy -  Trying CBD for my anxious Yorkie!  I will update.
  • Thanks for everything it really helps temper feels good.
  • I started using CBD to avoid pharmaceuticals for my multiple panic attacks a day.  After 12 months of use I no longer have panic attacks.  I used 150 mg of tincture 2-3 times a day.
  • Helped with my anxiety so much!  *100 Times better than anything else I've tried for anxiety.
  • I use CBD for neck & back pains and it works well thanks.
  • Extreme Anxiety life saver / will change my life!!  I recommend the full spectrum CBD.
  • I have bad anxiety and intensity, this CBD oil has helped me feel extremely more calm and effective with problems.  I truly love and appreciate the effects of CBD oil  - Shante C.


  • My son has high functioning autism and struggles with extreme anxiety, depression and sensory overload.  At 15 we have tried several medications which all made him feel worse.  since taking CBD gummies daily he does so much better.  You can tell his anxiety and reactions to stimulus are greatly improved.


  • Brandi - It helps me be motivated and clear my head.  I can get out of bed and haven't flelt suicidal at all.  That use to be every day 1-2 times.
  • When the weather has been so rainy gloomy I can now feel confident while using my CBD to not have seasonal depression and pain.
  • I have been dealing with Manic Depression for years.  Since using CBD, it has really helped.  100% different feel.  Also helped with back pain.  1000mg CBD is perfect.


  • J.K - Takes the stress out of my life - A smoother flow to my day.  Takes about a week @ CBD 3x/day.
  • My partner has high stress levels.  She is calculated, ambitious, and determined to do her best in anything she chooses to take on - Truly Admirable.  However, she has a hard time shutting it off and it causes rashes and arthritis flare ups due to her mounting stress levels.  She's tried THC but it only multiplies her stress.  I brought her some CBD to see if the void of THC would let her experience the benefits of CBD.  And it has!  She's able to be in control during moments of duress & be more productive as she can learn to be more versatile in her problem solving.  She doses CBD 2x per day. :)
  • I've been on CBD but I ran out for 2 whole days at 3 servings a day!!  Immediately upon 1st dropper my whole body was relieved!  God bless my medicine.
  • Hunter H. -  due to 3 kids, working and college, using the CBD gummies both reduced my stress as well as anxiety.
  • Definitely a stress reliever! Also helps reduce anxiety and has an awesome calming effect!